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A study break for the tummy and mind

By: Fabian Friberg

Last Tuesday (22/10) East Asia Student Association in Lund (EASA) and Eos Cares banded together to organize a well-needed study break filled with vegan spring rolls to eat. I, being a fan of both organizations as well as Asian food, happily decided to go. What I knew before going in was that I’d be eating vegan Vietnamese spring rolls, but what I didn’t know was that the chef for my rolls would be none other than myself.


Upon arrival, an EASA member from Vietnam gave us bowls filled with ingredients and demonstrated how to make the rolls to us. Unexpectedly, one of the bowls contained only water and nothing else. She then told us to soak a sheet of “paper” in the water to make it soft, after which we were to wrap it around our vegetables and fried tofu. Thankfully this paper was made of rice and not micronized wood, so it was actually edible. After making our wraps (with me adding way too many ingredients to mine making it more like a bag than a wrap) we dipped them in hoisin sauce and savor them. Turns out ugly wraps can be delicious too!

The spring rolls were good, and so was the company. I had the opportunity to speak to many people from different countries, all interested in languages, basketball, or both. We all were comparing our own masterpieces to see whose were the prettiest (it wasn’t mine) and heartily ate all of them.


To “wrap up” the evening, EASA had prepared a well thought-through quiz. Having become well acquainted with my table mates, we were ready to take it on head first.


I was surprised to find out that the format of the quiz would be based on the Swedish TV show “på spåret”. Having such a popular Swedish family show make its way into an Asia-themed quiz night was not what I expected, but it ended up making the quiz more interesting than the typical 10-20 questions type of quiz we’ve all participated in so many times before.

The introductory challenge had us pairing short snippets of Asian songs with their countries of origin. The countries we could choose from were Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Mongolia and Cambodia. This was my time to shine, as I have a great interest in both Asian music and Asian languages. Our team ended up winning the first round with 10/12 songs matched correctly with their country.

It all went downhill from here though.

The next section followed in typical “på spåret” fashion, having us digitally visit 3 different Asian countries and answer questions about them. Our teams gave it our all, but it turns out we have much to learn when it comes to Asian politics and history. I guess I’ll have to drop the k-pop videos and start watching some documentaries instead.


We ended up coming dead last, despite our initial lead and had to experience the bitter taste of defeat. I must say though, that the quiz was very fun and well put together, with interesting questions highlighting some parts of Asian culture and history I didn’t know of before.

It was a great evening, made possible thanks to Eos cares and  EASA, and I sincerely hope they will cook together something similar in the future for tired hungry people like me to enjoy. I hope someone tells them.

Having set the tone for large-scale integration, Eos Cares is the social programme of the basketball club IK devoted to facilitating efforts to community building. Since its establishment in 2015, Eos Cares has come to organize a wide range of social activities for all kinds of people to join. These include language cafés, cook-along, and learning seminars.

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